contemporary linear extension

The project involves a single storey extension and internal remodelling of a gritstone dwelling to create a contemporary family home. The proposals embody the concept of the extension as a landscape element, enhanced by the choice of natural materials and low-lying form.

chapel-en-el-frith, derbyshire

The extension stretches out from the side elevation of the existing house, creating a boundary that provides more privacy to the rear garden. The glazed openings within the extension are orientated south-west maximising sunlight entering the new space and directing views towards the rear garden. The use of natural materials like gritstone, larch cladding and a green roof integrates the extension into the property's gardens. The existing property is characterised by its "back-to-front" nature, where the plan reflects a typical urban terrace house layout but with a reversed orientation. The proposals therefore aim to create a more welcoming front entrance and resolve internal circulation through internal remodelling of the existing building. 

Castleton, Hope Valley, Derbyshire (01433) 695560
Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester (0161) 8813031