Eyam Museum Remodelling Feasibility Study

Enhancement Works at Eyam Museum, Hawkhill Road, Eyam

eyam, peak district

Darwent Architecture Ltd were appointed to conduct a ‘Feasibility Study’ for the Eyam Museum to assist the trustees and management committee in creating a brief for future enhancement works at the museum.

The museum space is used to explain the history of the village of Eyam, from prehistoric times, with the emphasis on the plague which swept through the village in 1665. The foundation of the museum was inspired by a lifelong resident of Eyam, Clarence Daniel, who collected local fossils, minerals and archaeological material, in addition to historic documents and papers relating to the village. He used his information to set up a private museum in his house.

A key area identified for enhancement is the appearance of the building from the car park aspect. The building needs to become more welcoming and reflect the high class museum on the exterior. We would propose to enhance the front elevation of the museum by introducing a large contemporary glazed gable above the front door. This would be branded with the museum logo and would give visitors from the car park a tantalising view into the upper floor of the museum enticing them in.

Internally the museum would be re-organised to create a cohesive interactive experience for the visitor.

We hope this worthwhile project will progress in the next few years once the effects of Covid have passed.

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